Contractor Program

ContractorThe staff at Freedom Tower Insurance has been at the forefront of developing programs that have helped contractors succeed. Freedom Tower understands the world of construction and what contractors need. We have the ability to bundle the coverages contractors need and require in such way that they actually can save money and minimize their risk exposure. The reason? This program was developed by contractors, for contractors over two decades ago.

Freedom Tower Insurance can help you bundle your workers’ compensation, health and disability in a manner that could save you as much as 17% and simplify your workload because you are working with a single carrier. Freedom Tower also provides the general liability, automotive, property and equipment coverage every contractor needs to protect their business.

Our program goes beyond a contractor’s unique set of required coverages. We have the ability to provide mentoring to contractors that may otherwise not qualify for bonding. Freedom Tower can also provide apprenticeship training right in the Bronx at the Maritime College.

For contractors interested our expanded services, please call us at 212-812-9561.


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